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Xiaomi Dr. Bei Portable Oral Irrigator USB Water Flosser DIY Dentist Teeth Cleaning after Tooth Brushing ; Home Dental
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★ Package details:

1 x Main Machine
1 x Replaceable Nozzle
1 x USB Cable
1 x User Manual
1 x Traveling Bag

♥️ Highly recommended by dentists
♥️ Concealed nozzle design keeps off exposure contamination
♥️ High-pressure pulsed water jet lets slip no dental plaque
♥️ Compact design is more convenient for daily use

No Toothbrush Achieves 100% Cleaning, But Gf3 Water Flosser Does.

Gum swelling? Gum bleeding?  Nasty tongue?
Why not try water flosser?

DR.BEl Portable Water Flosser F3 works like a mini
high-pressure hydraulic gun. Its highly pressured ultrafine water column wipes off all stubborn dental plaques petween teeth and definitely solves oral health problems

Bye To Traditional Bulky Wate Flosser Give Portable Water Flosser A Chance

Traditional water flosser is heavy and needs much
space, inconvenient to carry and use. DR.BEl creatively designs GF3 water flosser as portable as a cellphone, easy to operate for daily use and convenient to carry for travelling.

High-Pressure Pulsed Waterjets Help To Massage Gums And Periodontology

Pulsed bubble water jets reduce flushing strength
They are mild and non-stimulating, giving SPA to gums and cavity to bring a fresher and healthier breath
The Best Option For The Orthodontic

Brace is a hotbed for tartar and dental plaques, which often confuses the orthodontic. GF3 portable water flosser comes to solve this problem.

180ml large capacity water tank 1 minute redefinition of teeth clean

The water tank can hold 180ml water, sufficient for one-minute comprehensive cleaning.

Concealed Nozzle Design Easy To Add Water Portable In Daily Use

DR.BEl considerably combines water tank inlet and dust-proof nozzle storage compartment to avoid nozzle's exposure contamination. Meanwhile, it's convenient to inject water and for daily use.

One Button for three modes to clean and take care of teeth

Cleaning mode
strong pulse for deeper cleaning

Gentle mode
for sensitive cavity and new users

SPA mode
massage gums and relieve gum bleeding

360° rotating nozzle for deep cleaning

IPX7 waterproof makes it whole-body washable

Fast-charging USB port ensures 30~60 days endurance

* based on one minute of use each day

★ Package details:

1 x Main Machine
1 x Replaceable Nozzle
1 x USB Cable
1 x User Manual
1 x Traveling Bag


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