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Happy Birthday Foil Balloon 18 Inches Round Shape Helium Party Decoration Ideas Boys & Girls ; Hiasan Belon Hari Jadi
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★ Package details: 1 pc * Balloon

♥️ This fabulous foil balloon is so cute.
♥️ Lovely print on top, Lots of fun.
♥️ This will be a lovely gift for your little one.
♥️ These Air-Filled / Helium-Filled Foil Balloons ideal for every event, holiday and special occasion!
♥️ Hundreds of beautiful Printed Foil Balloons, popular for Happy Birthday, I Love You, Graduation, Anniversary, Wedding day, Grand Opening, Product Launching,  and more fun party!
★ How to inflate foil (self-sealing) balloons for decoration

  1. Hold the neck of the balloon firmly around the nozzle with one hand and press on the air pump to release the air into your balloon.
  2. You can also blow it simply by mouth or straw to replace the balloon air pump. 
  3. Pinch the straw and filling tab so air doesn't come out as you inflate it.
  4. Normally, a balloon stays inflated for a week and reusable


★ How to Deflate Foil Balloon

  1. Slot straw through the opening of foil balloon.
  2. Gently press on the balloon to expel air through the straw.
  3. Foil balloon & continue pressing the balloon lightly.
  4. Repeat till balloon is totally deflated. 


★ Package details: 1 pc * Balloon

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